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Thursday, October 25th, 2012 09:44 pm
Hello! This is my first yuletide exchange and I'm super excited about the prospect of receiving fic that I never thought anyone would ever write me. So thanks very much for being so obliging! =) I can't wait to read whatever it is you're writing, because whatever it is it is bound to be made of win.

But I should probably tell you more about myself. My name is Crystal, and I used to write a lot of Prince of Tennis Rikkai fandom fic, as well as a smattering of Harry Potter slash. From a very young age, I've been fascinated with queer and genderfucky things--my favorite character from Sailor Moon, even before I realized that he was originally written as a crossdressing female, was Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon. As you may or may not know, Seiya and his two friends are female sailor soldiers who transform into male idols, who physically transform back into women when they fight villains. *grin* It's pretty awesome stuff. 

But yeah. I'm really fond of anything that messes with traditional sexuality and gender. I love slash, and femslash, and characters with ambiguous sexuality and gender identity. I love it even more when these characters are morally ambiguous (used that word twice XD). Um. Other things I like: historical AUs; crime; stories set in the future, especially it if means the characters are going to be middle-aged and rough around the edges; what-if kind of stories, in which alternate decisions are made in a canon setting that propel the characters into a completely different situation than the ones they were in; fic that explores relationships in a slow, rambling sort of way; fic that has UST; fic about missed opportunities and regrets and memories. 

I could go on and on. Possibly I should talk about the things I don't like, too, though. I'm not fond of fluff, or extreme angst (unless it comes from Oniisama E), and I'm no fond of crack. Cracky ideas played straight, to borrow the words of my lovely friend tosla, are great. I'm okay with dubious consent fics if the consent is not actually really that dubious? I don't like noncon, or really extreme BDSM, and I don't believe in punishing the characters to the point of torture. XD Feel free to write really depressing fic if it fits, though, and don't worry about killing off characters--I can handle that. 

Maybe I should talk about the actual requests now?

Wild Adapter

Aside from Kubota, I think I'm most fascinated by Sanada as a character. He's just so creepy and full of mysery and also kind of straightforward at the same time. I like the idea of Sanada playing all these mind games with people. There's this scene where Kasai tells Kubota that Sanada is a dangerous man, and to stay away from him. My brain has always latched on to that, and told me that there must be something more between Sanada and Kasai. I'd love fic where they maybe shared a past of some kind--maybe they were lovers and Sanada played those mind games with Kasai? Maybe Sanada is so very interested in Kubota because of his relationship with Kasai? I don't know. I'd really like to see the interactions between these two characters in the present after whatever past they had together.

XD Really, I just want an excuse for some middle-aged slash, maybe with some UST mixed in. I also like the idea of older characters who feel more comfortable in their own skin and have calmed down some since their youth. I like the idea of the aches and pains of long years. 

Anyway. Suffice to say that if you wrote me Kasai/Sanada fic any kind I'd love you forever. But if you just want to explore Sanada's relationship with Kubota or write about Sanada in general that would be lovely as well.

Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer

I tend to slash pretty much whatever I watch/read, and I guess Regency romance is not barred from this. Friday's Child was the first Heyer novel I read, and I was instantly intrigued by the various relationships the men had with one another. Especially in the case of Sherry, Ferdy, and Gil, it seems as though the men are mostly more interested in spending time with one another than spending time with any woman. Gil in particular strikes me as caring very much about his fellow men, and can always been seen dining or having hung-over breakfast with one of them. I'd love to see Ferdy/Gil fic. I'd love to see Ferdy/Gil/Sherry fic. Possibly they get drunk after a night of gambling and end up in bed together. Possibly Gil just has unrequited feelings of lust for George. XD Possibly Gil and and Ferdy just have a mutual arrangement of sorts, only they both feel more than they let on.

I also wouldn't mind at all any fic where Gil puts on lady things and Ferdy walks in on him. No, not at all. =D

This being such a random fandom for slash, I'd be pretty much ecstatic with whatever you give me <3

Pet Shop of Horrors

I really like this manga, and I liked that the ending was so open. It's definitely one of those ones that border on outright slash. I've always wanted to know what happened to Leon and Count D--whether Leon ever found him and maybe they run another Pet Shop together somewhere across the world now. I'd also love just another episode-esque fic about various creatures in the shop and the world's interactions with them. I'd love more interaction with the new Count D and Chris Orcot. Female!Count D? Yes please. XD Any way for you to get femslash in there? Would be win.

This fandom really lends itself to historical AUs, or just fic involving history in general. I'd love to see Count D in a historical setting--Prohibition Era America is my favorite, but other time periods work just as well. Or Count D in the future?

I'm basically really flexible with this one. I think I'd like whatever you're willing to write me in this fandom, because I just want there to be more of it.

Oniisama E

Yeah. What can I really say about Oniisama E? Basically it kind of breaks me. But in a good way. I'm pretty much okay with whatever you choose to write that's Rei/Kaoru. You could write really sad fic where everybody dies; obviously I'm okay with this XD. You could write fic where one or either of them doesn't die and they end up in bed together eventually (because sex with ladies is awesome). You could write fantastic Prohibition era historical AU where Rei is a racketeer and Kaoru is part of the police force. Or an AU where Rei is a pirate and Kaoru is a ship captain. I would love each one of these fics in a very special way.

My dream fic? Prohibition era AU crossover with Rose of Versailles. Oscar/Kaoru & Kaoru/Rei. Conflicting loyalties and women in suits and Oscar smoking in a dimly lit office at night.  Or really, just any kind of Oniisama E/Rose of Versailles crossover would make me the happiest Crystal in the world. <3

I am not actually the same person as [personal profile] tofsla , although if you run into trouble and would like to know what my thoughts are on any particular thing dealing with fic, please do contact her as she will probably be able to help.