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Saturday, July 6th, 2013 12:33 pm
Finally watched the last episode of Elementary, season 1.  Thoughts:  Watson was as awesome as usual, Moriarty could have been better.  Though I still do prefer this version of Irene Adler to the BBC Sherlock version, so at least there's that.  

I really do feel that there's something to be missed from combining Irene and Moriarty into one character, though  It would be nice if she could have been her own, awesome, character who Sherlock admires but who gets to go off on adventures and not be first the dead girlfriend, then the nemesis.  Female characters shouldn't just exist to be either the bad guy or the love interest, which is why I find Watson so great.  She's got her own mind and is her own person.  And Holmes respects her as such.  

Though I could see a romantic attraction developing at some point, I hope the show doesn't go in that direction; it would make be very sad.  I hope they continue to work together as partners and as friends, and are awesome together for many more seasons.  I love that Sherlock named a bee after her, as maybe a way to tell her he appreciates her, or how important she is to him.  Their friendship is just so great!