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crystal: (bigdork)
Thursday, May 12th, 2011 04:43 pm
...I think my flist will learn that when I start with something, I tend to obsess until I've exhausted the subject.  

The other day I was searching on ebay and there were menstrual cups on sale for really cheap, so I ordered another two--both softer and smaller than the one I have now.  For some  reason, though it still works well, the Keeper Moon Cup (the brand that I've used since I started college) is giving me little nagging cramps throughout the day.  I consulted with the cup community, and someone suggested buying a softer or smaller cup, since apparently the KMC is one of the stiffer ones.  

The two cups (two of the softest cups available) have already been shipped, so they'll probably arrive within the next week or two, just in time for Period Week.  Am sort of excited o.0 

Every day this week I've had bunches of stuff to do when I got home, and today is no different.  Hoping for some time to myself to work on writing and return emails.  God, inbox so full.  

I have two fanfics to write and no idea what to actually write XD 
crystal: (crystalpic)
Friday, May 8th, 2009 11:14 am
Finals are officially over now that it's Friday, and yet I don't feel any more idle than I did the rest of the week.  It all comes from having two jobs and then two design commissions on top of that.  Web design projects so annoying, mostly because my old Flash 8 software doesn't include the javascript to make things work properly on most browsers, so I have to borrow the work computer to convert things when I'm done.  Not a big deal but still an inconvenience. 

But I wrote fic last night, after a really damn long while of no writing at all.  It's not good fic, and it's just a tiny drabble of a fic, but I am so happy~ 

There are lots of things I want to pick back up this summer, like my collab rp with [personal profile] kikyo , my huge collaborations with Val, and my blogging, and my Japanese study.  >__> Also I want to start a photo blog.  Am forever wanting to start new things, damnit.  Dooom.  

Having a regular non-fandom, non-professional journal is great, I think.  XD I can ramble about myself and other nonsensical things all I want, and it won't matter~