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Birthdate:Jan 9
Location:Mililani, Hawaii, United States of America
Hello. I'm Crystal (though some of you may know me by my given name, which is different). This is my fandom/personal journal all rolled into one. Currently it's friendslocked, and will probably remain so until my journal becomes more PG.

About Me: I write fanfiction and original fiction. I'd like to one day learn all the languages, though the top priorities right now are Japanese and Swedish. I have a rather obsessive personality. Am really pick about fic.

Friending Policy: =D I love making new friends, but please if you do want to be friends, drop me a comment so I know who you are and why you want to be friends? I'll probably friend you back if we have anything in common at all.

What to expect: I don't post a lot about fandom anymore though I'd like to do so more. I can't promise I'll be up to date on commenting if you post many times a day, but I do try to read everything. You can expect a post from me maybe once or two every week, or maybe even less. I tend to post most about fic, food, writing angst, and my personal life, so if any of these do not appeal you my want to rethink the friend thing? I will also fangirl about cool books I've read and occasionally beg you for writing prompts. If this all sounds like your thing, then friend away =)

Fic: There is none here, and please don't look on horrible FF.Net. The fic I'm not completely embarrassed of is at AO3.

I'm also on LJ, under the screen name [personal profile] crystalusagi.
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